My Wish List

There are many, many, many victorian pencils and writing equipment items that I have come across over the years that I dearly wish I could have purchased at the time but missed out on or simply could not afford. However, that has never stopped me from keeping an eye out for others of interest and the following is a list of some of the ones I am keenly on the lookout for ... PLEASE let me know if you have any that you wish to part with or are aware of someone that might... Click on CONTACT above to send me a note.

Pencils :

Mordan - Particularly the early Mordan Riddle pencils, and specificall looking for 1832,33,34,36, but early 1820's also of interest.

Commemoratives - Victoria and Alberts Wedding, Wellington, or events such as Exhibitions, deaths or major figures, etc.

War Related - I have several war related pencils (Khartoum, South African, First World War, and I'm interested in mechanical pencils made from battlefield relics (bullets) and trench art in the form of inkells, etc.

World War Two Escape Pencil - An original World War Two escape pencil with silk map would be amazing. However, I have yet to come across one however that isn't in a museum. 

Figural Pencils - 19th century figural or novely pencils are of interest

Stanhope Pencils - Most of the stanhopes that I have are late 19th century souvenirs and pertain to views of towns/villages in the U.K. I'd like to find a 19th century "peeper" or stanhopes with subject matter other than buildings or religious sayings.

Hard Rubber Pencils & Dip Pens (Non-Black) - The Goodyear and A.G. Days hard rubber compounds were used by many different American makers. The majority of those that have surviced are black hard rubber although I do have one in "red" and I've seen one in blue.  

Multi-Function Pencils - Early Makers such as Sheldon and Dawson made clever combination items in the mid-1800's.

Early American Makers - e.g. Hague, Addison, Lownds

Early British - Pemberton, Wilmore, etc,


Inkwells & Misc :


Mordan (Sampson) Inkwells - of any sort

Mordan (Francis) Inkwells, Ink bottles, or writing implements

Travel Inkwells - figural or unique in some fashion

Snail Inkwells - or Encrier Escargot; double or triple; or rare design / patterns

Pen Nib Boxes - Interesting boxes that still contain at least some of the original contents