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There are some very knowledgable people out there that have shared their writing equipment expertise through their websites, books, e-books, blogs, etc. The following is an abbreviated, but ever-growing, list, of collectors, experts, sellers, dealers, and reference material that I've stumbled across, or connected with, while building the collection.

Pencils & Pens :


David Nishimura Vintage Pens - excellent resource site; pens, pencils, & writing equipment for sale

Vintage Pen News - Pencil-related topics from David Nishimura's Blog

The Leadhead's Pencil Blog - Jonathan Veley - amazing wealth of info on American pencils and makers (see below for Books by Jonathan Veley)

Fountain Pen History, Hand & Pen - George Kavalenko's blog containing extensive pen information

Pen & Pencil Gallery - Jim Marshall's website (currently being rebuilt)

The Steel Pen - A fascinating exploration of the history of the steel pen in America by Andrew Midkiff

The KB Collection of Pencils - The Ken Bull Collection of Pencils book provides a detailed history of the mechanical pencil. It also serves as a catalog, showing the collection at its finest. The collection was sold at auction in 2019 and I was fortunate to have been able to acquire a few KB Collection pieces to add to my own collection.

PenHero.Com - Jim Mamoulides' extensive fountain pen website plus links to 100's of other pen, pencil, and writing equipment sites 

Joe's Pencil Blog - Joe Nemecek - You can also view pictures of Joe's collection here - Joe' s Pencil Pages

Sampson Mordan Collectors Club - background information on S. Mordan; copies of patents and advertisements

The Palimpsest - UK blog on wide range of writing & writing equipment related topics



Yard-O-Led - current owners of the S. Mordan patents & intellectual property, and makers of my favourite fountain pen


Historical Documents (click on image to view pdf) :

Sampson Mordan & John Isaac Hawkins 1822 Pencil Patent (extracted from the "Repertory of Patent Inventions:, 1826 - Google Books) 






Perry & Co's. 1884 Illustrated Catalog (extracts from full catalog on Google Books) - fascinating glimpse into the 1884 world of stationery






Josiah Longmore Patent (May 4, 1843) - Patent #9719






Longmore's Patent Drawings for the Elongated Pencil - as printed in The Mechanics' Magazine - December, 1846







Jacob Lownds Patent (1836) - as printed in the Journal of the Franklin Institute - 1837





Extract from UK Engineer's & Mechanic's Encyclopedia describing pens (nibs), and pencils - 1836 




Inkwells & Ink Bottles :


Historic Glass Bottle Identification and Information - Inkwells & Ink Bottles page (extensive information on American bottles)

Antique Ink Bottles - very informative website and links by Ed Hayes



Other Reference Material :


Books by Jonathan Veley - hardcopy & ebook reference books on American mechanical pencils & patents


"Victorian Pencils - Tools to Jewels" - Deborah Crosby - Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 1998 




"The Collector's World of Inkwells" - Jean & Franklin Hunting - Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 2000