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Chicago Columbian Expo Inkwell – 1893

Souvenir inkwell from the 1893 Chicago Columbian Expo, which celebrated the 400th anniversary of Columbus’s arrival. It is fashioned as a stack of gold coins, with Columbus’s bust on top, along with “Christopher Columbus Chicago, USA, 1492 1892). In amazing condition considering these were cheap souvenirs, made of low quality metal and covered in some form of gold gilt. No dents, the gilt is in pristine condition, the bottle is original and in perfect condition as well. The Chicago Expo opened in May, 1893 and attracted 26 million visitors in just 6 months. A Pittsburgh steel magnate – George Ferris, debuted his 264 ft. “Ferris” wheel here; Pabst Blue Ribbon was also debuted here, as were the dishwasher and flourescent light bulbs.

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