Yore Write!

Vintage & Novelty Pencils

A variety of pencils primarily from the early to mid 20th century. A few Parker pencils, along with a number of mid-century advertising novelty pencils and “floaties”.

Aikin Lambert? – Sea Bean Pencil

Bell Telephone Attendance Award

Carling Red Cap Beer

Class of 1961 Graduate

Conway Stewart No. 25

Coors Bottle Top Pencil

H.C. Hook Co. – Torpedo

Hill and Fox Stanhope (mid-century risqué)

Jantzen Swimsuit Diver

King George VI Coronation Pencil

Mickey Mouse Pencil

Mr Peanut 75th Birthday

Mr. Peanut Pencil

Oldsmobile Futuramic

Paperboy Pencil

Parker – Junior – Taupe

Parker – Ladies – Blue

Parker – Ladies – Orange

Parker – Ladies – True Blue

Parker Duofold – Ladies – Black

Parker Duofold – Ladies – Green

Parker Duofold – Ladies – Mandarin Yellow

Parker Duofold – Streamline Black & Pearl

Parker Duofold “1991” – Black

Parker Duofold “Big Bro” – Black

Parker Duofold Junior – Lapis Blue

Parker Duofold Junior – Mandarin Yellow

Princess Mary – WWI Xmas Tin & Figural Bullet Pencil – 1915

Queen Elizabeth Coronation Pencil

Queen Mary Pencil

RCA Battery Pencil

Rudolph Red Nosed Reindeer

S. Mordan & Co. – Centennial – 1922

Scottish Piper Pencil

Seagram’s 7 Bottle

Stanhope (Dinis Island, Lakes of Killarney)

Stanhope (Saltburn By The Sea)

Twist Pencil with Stanhope (Dublin)

Uncle Sam Victory Pencil

Unknown Maker – Baseball’s 100th Anniversary Bat

Unknown Maker – Bottle – Sunny Brook Whiskey

Unknown Maker – Bottle Pencil – Mackeson’s

Unknown Maker – Bowling Pin – Sunset Bowl

Unknown Maker – Bullet – Goldie & McCulloch

Unknown Maker – Bullet – South Africa War

Unknown Maker – Bullet – Trench Art

Unknown Maker – Cunard Lines – Queen Elizabeth

Unknown Maker – Deer Hoof

Unknown Maker – Deer Hoof Pencil/Stanhope (no images)

Unknown Maker – Enamel Pencil & Cigarette Holder

Unknown Maker – Harley Davidson

Unknown Maker – Keg Pencil – Bone

Unknown Maker – Nut

Unknown Maker – Ralston Purina

Unknown Maker – Ronson Penciliter – Gold

Unknown Maker – Santa Fe Railroad

Unknown Maker – Screw Pencil

Unknown Maker – Sea Shell Pencil

Unknown Maker – Silver Key (SOLD)

Unknown Maker – Twist Pencil/Stanhope (Seaton)

Unknown Maker – Union Pacific Railroad

Unknown Maker – Whirlpool Clothes Pin

Unknown Maker – Wooden Egg Pencil/Stanhope (Sudbury)

Unknown Maker – Wooden Pipe

Unknown Maker – Wooden Pipe Pencil/Stanhope (Cromer)

Unknown Maker – Wooden Pipe Pencil/Stanhope (Ilfracombe)

Wahl – Seagram’s Rye