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S. Mordan & Co. – Gold “arrow”

Likely a Mordan gold piece as it has a second cartouche with the telltale Mordan “arrow” engraved on it on the reverse side from the cartouche with the date and initials. However, there is no actual makers mark anywhere on the pencil casing itself. The cartouche shows the date 1869. The hand engraving is flowers and vines and the slider buttons are also flowers. The finial is shield shaped and the seal is a white stone of some sort and is unmarked in any way. The nib has the name M. Meyers & Sons on it. I thought it didn’t look appropriate for the age but after looking up Meyers it may very well be the original nib. The business was founded by Meyer Myers in around 1837. The company, made corkscrews, drawing instruments and office supplies, including the famous bulldog clips, as well as pens.

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Mordan "arrow", Nib is stamped "M. Meyers & Sons"

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