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Edward Todd – Combination Pencil/Pen – BHR

Edward Todd bhr combo pen/pencil. The barrel is engraved “Edward Todd & Co Pat’d Dec. 19 ’71”. There is also a person’s name in ornate script along the barrel’s gold rim.The nib is huge and engraved “Edward Todd & Co New York 11”. The pencil extends using the “Lownds” approach (pull, turn 1/4 turn, push). Todd was known to use the Lownds patented approach on some of his pencils but still difficult to actually find one. The pencil works perfectly. The BHR barrel is in perfect condition, with very slight shrinkage of the rubber at the base of the barrel.


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"Edward Todd & Co Pat'd Dec. 19 '71", Nib is stamped "Edward Todd & Co New York 11"

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