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Unknown Maker – Egyptian Mummy

Egyptian “mummy” magic pencil in excellent shape overall. It extends and retracts properly and the lead mechanism is fully functioning. The pencil has hallmarks on the ring and appears to be solid silver with a gold wash on it (only visible under the loupe). The hallmark is three square boxes; the first has a “x” in it and the second has what appears to be a “U” and the third a small “Y” where the upper part is closed (the two arms of the y are close together), and there is a dot to the left of it. The hallmarks could be viewed the other way up and become an “x”, legs of an animal, and a stick man (the Y). I must find a book on european hallmarks!! It is a full 4″ when opened.!! For more information on Egyptian figural pencils and related items click here.

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