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Ma & Pa Carter Ink Bottles

This pair of Ma & Pa Carter inkstands measure 9.5cm in height. The bottom is marked “Made in Germany” in a circle. This mark was used by the German firm of Heubach Bros. but it can’t be confirmed the firm made these since the mark was also used by other German companies. The bottles are incised “Carter’s Inx” on the back. Ma & Pa Carter Inx were originally advertised in the Saturday Evening Post of September 12, 1914. The ad read, “Mr. & Mrs. Carter Inx – the little porcelain inkstands that made such a hit last fall lead the Carter line and bring to your desk a personality that will be an inspiration”. These advertising gimmicks were given away with a 25-cent coupon that were included in Carter’s advertisements. Some sources claim they were only made for two years when production was interrupted by World War I. They were patented January 6, 1914.

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"Carter's INX", "Made in Germany"

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