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S. Mordan & Co. – Victoria Pattern – 1879

Mordan Combination dating to 1879. No damage of any kind. The slider is a cast slider that is beautifully done.The finial is very ornate and contains a bloodstone (not chipped or engraved). It is marked S. Mordan & Co. on one side of the barrel and is fully hallmarked for London, 1879, with the Queens head duty mark on the other side. The Acanthus leaf design was influenced by the Corinthian columns found at temples throughout the Roman empire, these columns were topped with a ring of Acanthus leaves just like those depicted on this combo. The Acanthus was considered lucky by the Romans and you still find the plant growing around ancient sites today.The hand engraving on the barrel is finely done and quite detailed; alternating floral and geometric “zig-zag” patterns. Needs replacement nib.

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"S. Mordan & Co.", Hallmarked for London, 1879

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