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S. Mordan & Co. – “S. Mordan & Co. Makers & Patentees”

Early Mordan slider pencil. The “S Mordan & Co Makers & Patentees” on the barrel dates this pencil to one of the earliest Mordan’s, between 1830 and 1845. It is in excellent condition with the Mordan stamp still very clear. The top has an amethyst insert that has the initials of a previous owner engraved in it. The crown does not appear to unscrew and I didn’t want to force it. There appears to be no dents or dings. Beautiful pattern on the barrel. This one is a bit different in that there is no slider that surrounds the barrel but rather just a small tab that is the slide.

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"S. Mordan & Co. Makers & Patentees"

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