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Mr. Berry

extract info from the Berry travel inkwell entry and expand on Berry’s inventions…

A note from an article in the July 21, 1832 London Spectator “Mr. Berry’s and Other Patent Inventions” – “The patent inventions of Mr. BERRY deserve especial notice, for their neatness, simplicity, and universal utility. In the next edition of the “Miseries of Human Life,” the inconveniences of a smelling- bottle without a stopper, or one with the stopper irremoveably fixed, and of an ink-glass with the cork so attached to it that it prefers parting company from the top rather than leave the glass, may be omitted; for in Mr. BERRY’S portable Bottles for Ink, Smelling-salts, &c. the lid is the stopper, a piece of ground glass or caoutchouc being inserted in the top, which shuts down close upon the orifice of the bottle, and renders it air-tight. Minute as are these additions to our convenience, they are not the less welcome. Ladies especially are lovers of neatness, and every time they dip their pen in Mr. BERRY’S portable ink-glass, or have recourse to his improved smelling-bottle, they will bless the ingenious inventor.”

“Caoutchouc”, referenced above, is basically unvulcanized rubber, more fully defined as “an elastic material obtained from the latex sap of trees (especially trees of the genera Hevea and Ficus) that can be vulcanized and finished into a variety of products. gum elastic, India rubber, natural rubber, rubber.”

And this advertisement from W. & J. Milne, Stationers, was found in an 1853 “Pocket Guide Through Glasgow” – part of a travel series by John Menzie’s – “Milne’s Wellington Despatch Box – Lined Cape Morocco throughout Russia or Turkey Morocco outside fitted with foolscap Writing Portfolio in head large tray, Berry’s Patent Ink and Lights, Stationery of kinds, Cutlery, Silver Penholder &c, with Bramah’s spring lock and Travelling Cover. Price 5pounds 5s complete. Professional and Military Gentlemen and all who require much space for Documents Private Papers &c, combined with a Writing Case will find this Despatch Box the best article they can have.”

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