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Crowned Lion & Shield Inkwell

A large inkwell in the shape of a standing lion holding a shield/crest and wearing a crown. It has a UK registration lozenge stamped to the rear but it is difficult to accurately read the date. Since the registration lozenge was not used after 1883, this inkwell is at least that old. However, an identical one showed up on ebay in 2020 with a readable lozenge stamp that read – Parcel no.8 19 (day) V (1876) B (October) Rd (Registered mark) – “October 19th 1876”. Pot metal of some sort and I believe this would have original been Silver plated. Some of it polishes and some does not. It isn’t magnetic. I did find a reference to another one online which was stamped “Mappin & Webb”, although they may have simply been the retail outlet that sold them. ┬áIt is in good overall condition; no major damage, just a couple of little dings around the base. Small porcelain ink cup is intact.

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UK design registration lozenge for October 19, 1876

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