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G. E. Hatch Glass Inkwell

This is a great find. Subsequent to purchasing this inkwell I was able to find the original design patent for this inkwell online. The inkwell is in perfect condition; no chips to glass or other damage. A tiny bit of ink residue remains in the dip hole. George Hatch filed a design patent (#8,831) for this inkwell in October, 1875, and it was granted on December 7, 1875 (the inkwell indicates December 27, 1875 and I’m not sure of the reason for the date mis-match). The design is a representation of a pear & leaves, connected by its stem to the inkwell opening, which is in the form of a knot in the branch. Appears to have an open pontil base, suggesting it was blown in a mold. The pen holders are solid silver “branches” with leaves forming the pen rests. Hatch worked for the Meriden Glass Co. in Connecticut. More about George Hatch and Meriden Glass Co. can be found here.

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"G.E. Hatch, Pat'd. Dec. 27, 1875"

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