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Pocket Candle Box & Vesta – SOLD

Pocket candle box and vesta case combination; c1880. The box is designed to appear like a book, with a leather cover to both the back and front, both covers are nicely tooled just like you would find on a leather bound book. The box opens by pushing on a little slide button in the corner, this automatically opens the little clasp on the front and the inside guard is sprung to pop out and form a square candle guard with two glass panels at the front, the inside of the case is mirrored to reflect light back too. The Idea of the box was to carry candles inside, and when lit the box would be placed over the candle to maximise the light and protect the flame from draughts. To close the box you simply push the inside elbow of the sprung arm and it all folds back in the box. There is an integral vesta case in the back of the box for storing matches and the lid of this is a grooved plate for striking the matches. These little candle boxes were used in hotels and on carriage journey’s…etc for writing letters and reading. This is a nice example, and its a rare model. Everything is in good order, there is a crack in one glass panel but thats all, the box is otherwise superb, it springs open as it should, it feels nice and tight and unworn, the leather covers are lovely and clean and not worn and it displays beautifully, the glass panels just slide in behind, so replacing the one cracked glass panel should easy.

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