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John Rauch – 1863

This is a rare example of Rauch’s patent # 40,855 (December 8, 1863). It appears to simply be a mechanical pencil but by gently pulling on the end opposite the pencil nib and internal pen nib holder can be removed and then inverted and inserted so that it can be used as a dip pen. In mint condition. “Rauch Patent”; “Decbr. 8, 1863” are imprinted in the BHR at the pen end. “Goodyears Pat. May 6, ’51” is imprinted along the barrel at the other end. Working condition; no nib. Nice checkerboard pattern on barrel.

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"Rauch Patent", "Decbr. 8, 1863", "Goodyears Pat. May 6, '51"

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