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John Rauch – Bard & Brothers nib – Gold

Gold combo pen/pencil by John Rauch. No damage, working condition. Nice engraved scroll work on barrel. Has a “Bard & Brothers” nib in perfect condition! From Jonathan Veley’s blog in 2021 – “According to David Moak’s Mabie in America, Edmund H. Bard and James D. Bard formed Bard & Brothers in 1848; in 1849 or 1850 they were joined by Jonathan Sprague Bard (who had been making nibs in Boston since 1846) and another brother, George J. Bard, and the firm was renamed Bard & Brothers. In 1851, the firm was sold to William P. Smith, a clerk for Jonathan Bard during his time in Boston, and Edward Todd, one of the company’s traveling salesmen, and the firm carried on as Smith & Todd. Along came John Mabie, and the rest . . . is history.”
This Bard & Brothers nib fits within that narrow window between 1849 and 1851. Mechanically working ok.

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"Rauch & Co."

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