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S. Mordan & Co. – “S. Mordan & Co. Makers” – Travel Inkwell – Wood – 1845-1860

Rare Mordan wooden travel inkwell. This is the first Mordan wooden barrel inkwell that I have come across. “Mordan & Co Makers” was the company name S. Mordan used between 1845 & 1860. I believe the inkwell was turned out of Rosewood. The lid on this has split (as wood inkwells often do due to moisture from the ink over time) and it was repaired with wire many decades ago. The base has no damage at all. The lid connects with a twist/lock mechanism (same technique as on a silver Mordan inkwell in the collection that is 50 years newer). There is a threaded wooden “washer” holding the bottle in place (see last photo). The washer is still fine as is the tiny ink bottle. More information on Mordan inkwells can be found here.

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"Mordan & Co Makers"

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