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Timothy Parker (Parker & Acott) – Gold Combination

A very interesting combination made by Timothy Parker, Birmingham. The imprint on it – “Registered 11 DEC 1847” corresponds to the design patent #1291, by Timothy Parker and Thomas Acott. They dissolved their partnership in 1858 but Parker continued to manufacture pens & pencils for some time, clearly still using the design from his earlier partnership with Acott. The end slides out to reverse from pencil to dip pen. There is a slot in the external barrel and a small pip on the pen/pencil (inner barrel) piece to match the slot so that it can only go in/out in one way. Very nice floral engraving on both main barrel as well as on the inner barrel housing the pencil & dip pen. No nib. Slight wear to gold (not tested) along seam on one side but seam is intact and otherwise in very good condition. An example of earlier Parker & Acott combination can be found in the collection as well.

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“Registered 11 DEC 1847”; "Parker & Co."

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