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W.S. Hicks? – AG Days – BHR – Gold

While not bearing a maker’s mark, this magic pencil has “Pat March 21, ’71” in the barrel which relates to a Hicks patent. There is very little wear from usage; the gold is either solid or a very heavy plate as the rub areas do not show an underlying metal. BHR barrel is engraved “AG Days Pat Aug 10 58” (this is very faint but can be seen under the loupe). Austin G. Days patent is actually for “improvements” that Days made to the BHR casing. He was a cousin to Nelson Goodyear (the “G” in AG Days stands for Goodyear, his middle name). He felt that his product was superior to Nelson’s. There is a second cartouche and it has engraving on it.

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"Pat March 21, '71", "AG Days Pat Aug 10 58"

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